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This is an independent roleplay blog of Hanji Zoe from Shingeki no Kyojin.

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dear current and future rp partners: i’m going to go days without replying to you, please don’t take it personally.




woof .. finally done!

note1 : I was reluctant at first to do this one , because it’s based so much on my own headcanons, like we don’t know for sure if Eren really haven’t seen Mikasa’s tattoo before , and Mikasa’s feelings about it too.

it’s just that I’ve always wondered what she feels about her origins and all , since we don’t see her think much about herself , and I’m not saying that this is how I analyze what she feels in canon or  anything , it’s just a “what if”.

note2: there’s this awkward part where Eren sees Mikasa’s tattoo and I didn’t know what the hell to put as a specific reaction because I don’t know what the hell is Mikasa’s tattoo! .. so I just played it around XD

note3: Eren and Mikasa hugging is very important to me ! :3 

sorry for long LONG  post ~ ^^;


泣かないで by 橘田バン

"Don’t Cry"

Don’t look down.

Only look forward.

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Original: 幸せになりましょう。

T/N: The title means “Let’s be happy!” For the last panel, I wasn’t sure whether or not he meant “Let’s be happy.” as well, or if it was shorthand for “You make me happy.” so I improvised.

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